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The newsletter is focused on the new media, information disorder, and means of communication. Articles, cases and tips...

The newsletter is focused on the new media, information disorder, and means of communication. Articles, cases and tips...

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April 2: International Fact-Checking Day

Let's celebrate International Fact-Checking Day in my newsletter!


Misinformation spreads keep going about the Russia-Ukraine war

"Especially in a war, there is a human cost to false info going viral," said Graham Brookie, director and managing editor of the Digital Forensic Research Lab at the Atlantic Council. I want you to read Axios's article about what happens if false information …


Turkey has NOT closed the Black Sea for Russian warships

As we know, If social media tunnels have the hundred of the same sentences spread over at the same time, it smells fishy. This suspicious situation makes my doubt-muscles work, like Spidey-sense.


Under the Russia ⚔️ Ukranie war...

As you know, I am so late for writing a new issue. I haven't been here for almost 2 months. Sorry for that. Why I haven't written anything in English? Writing and speaking English is still a challenge for me. I guess you are also witnessing that there is incr…


Anti-vaccine and extremist groups flocked to social media

Recent news about new media platforms


⚡️ Some fresh news on new media field

Why can't I see previews of my Instagram photos on Twitter? This question has always confused me. I didn't know that they were cold to each other from the past. As the relations between these two institutions improve, the work of the internet users becomes ea…


Recent Misinformation Researches

The authors of this essay demonstrate how, in an effort to protect the privacy of their users, alterations made by companies like Facebook to large-scale datasets can substantially affect conclusions drawn from that data by academic researchers and data journ…


The Facebook Files

Facebook has been struggling with serious problems in recent years. The company's products and practices are frequently criticized around the world, especially in the US. According to journalists, the company hides its problems from the public.The Facebook Fi…


Nobel Peace Prize goes to journalism

Why so important?Their Nobel Peace Prize comes at a time of as never before in history attacks on journalists in the form of massive crackdowns, digital surveillance, and an erosion of public trust in journalism.Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the Norwegian No…


A famous dog, Boji!

Hello! 🖖In Turkey, local media makes me crazy. Impossible to breathe. That's why I don't follow up on the political news, especially these days. Maybe I mentioned my learning English process here. So I try to read mostly English news and watch videos. I also …


Nowadays Internet in Turkey: Censorship, Bans, Blocks

The discussions about the restriction of the Internet and social media continue in Turkey. Unfortunately, the government party efforts are being made to end media freedom altogether.A year ago, I wrote an article about the new future of the internet in Turkey…


In memoriam Mikis Thedorakis

I have to write something about him passes away. Legendary Greek composer who keeps a war of words and music against a shameful military junta that imprisoned and exiled him as a revolutionary and banned, Mikis Theodorakis, died.For long years, he had always …


Combating misinformation on Twitter

With the pandemic, the spread of misinformation has turned into a crisis. Especially in social media, this has become a big problem. I also wrote in Journo, COVID19 has changed the way social media platforms deal with misinformation. In past, Social media pla…


Taliban 2.0 loves social media

The world watched in shock as the Taliban overtakes Afghanistan. This is a really hot topic for media outlets and media workers. But that is not for only mass media. Also, there are social media companies that had a problem.People know the Taliban are so cann…


Welcome to first Safak's newsletter!

Twitter launches a new ‘Subscribe’ button for creators to directly promote newsletters on their profile. Of course, I have to catch up on that! 😄When Twitter bought Revue, I said “they know the job”. However, I had thought Twitter couldn’t integrate Revue eno…