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Misinformation spreads keep going about the Russia-Ukraine war

Mehmet Safak Sari
Mehmet Safak Sari
There is too much misinformation spreading around Russia’s war with Ukraine every day. Social media users don’t stop to take and share images out of context on all platforms.

Sergei Malgavko/TASS
Sergei Malgavko/TASS
Especially in a war, there is a human cost to false info going viral,” said Graham Brookie, director and managing editor of the Digital Forensic Research Lab at the Atlantic Council. I want you to read Axios‘s article about what happens if false information is spread.
Ukraine misinformation spreads as users share videos out of context
For example, there is a butch of fake videos and out of context content about the Russia-Ukraine war in my country. Yesterday, I wrote related about this topic in this bulletin. Ukranian President Zelensky’s tweet caused a short-term crisis. there was a misunderstanding. But who cares, everyone interpreted it in their own way. My fact-check👇
Turkey has NOT closed the Black Sea for Russian warships
News of the invasion of Ukraine is included lots of misleading articles and videos. What will we do? It is useful to follow trustworthy reporters from the war zones. It is more important, we must follow institutions that report only with reliable data.
Laura Hazard Owen at NiemanLab made a kind of list of some resources for following the war. For example, I follow some Twitter List which is I learned from this article. 👇
So, can we spot video and photos are fake or not? Is it only a job where journalists are skilled? Nope. We have lots of tools for that. This article looks at the techniques that journalists and other investigators use to verify whether images and videos are real and in an accurate context. Of course from Poynter :)
How to spot video and photo fakes as Russia invades Ukraine
Another source is very useful. The verified signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network launch to publish fact checks on the misinformation and disinformation circulating based #Ukraine.
Let's laugh 😂
Some fake viral videos could be detected very clearly. For example CGI or game videos. From time to time we live very weird and funny moments. The best funny moment has been in our live broadcast. Turkish franchise of CNN whose name is CNN TURK has shown us this CGI video from Ukraine War in live breaking news. They claimed that this CGI movie came from in the war field Kyiv. 😆 What a shame…
Mehmet Safak Sari
That is CNN Turk's editorial quality. This isn't the first time, it also won't be the last. We've been living these amazing moments on CNN Turk for years. Thank you @CNN 👏 It's #CGI about a World War II and @cnnturk claimed to be a breaking news video from #UkraineWar.
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Mehmet Safak Sari
Mehmet Safak Sari @msafaksari

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