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Turkey has NOT closed the Black Sea for Russian warships

Mehmet Safak Sari
Mehmet Safak Sari
Misinformation could start unpredictable dangerous agenda. Yesterday, We witnessed weird news about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. According to the claims that “Turkish Government has closed the Black Sea for Russian warships due to Putin’s aggression against Ukraine”. But it was not true. When I first noticed the topic, I started researching the subject. What happened after? Let’s dive in!

Same words at the same time
Mehmet Safak Sari
There is lots of tweet with this: "Turkey has closed the Black Sea for Russian warships due to Putin’s aggression against Ukraine". But I didn't find any reliable source about that. It is true or disinformation?
As we know, If social media tunnels have the hundred of the same sentences spread over at the same time, it smells fishy. This suspicious situation makes my doubt-muscles work, like Spidey-sense.
Володимир Зеленський
I thank my friend Mr. President of 🇹🇷 @RTErdogan and the people of 🇹🇷 for their strong support. The ban on the passage of 🇷🇺 warships to the Black Sea and significant military and humanitarian support for 🇺🇦 are extremely important today. The people of 🇺🇦 will never forget that!
You can see above, Ukrainian President Zelensky wrote to tweet that “the ban on the passage of warships to the Black sea is extremely important today”. And Zelensky thank the Turkish President. Therefore, people (or borts) started tweeting that “Turkey has closed the Black Sea for Russian warships due to Putin’s aggression against Ukraine”. People understood the situation as if Turkey had closed the Bosporus and Dardanelles. In my view, people were deliberately manipulated.
I didn’t find any reliable source about that claim. But I knew, the Ukrainian President didn’t mention any decision to close the straits to Russian warships. I thought this is just a request. Seemed like this tweet got misunderstood. It is like a “Thanks for advance” message. Because there was no special decision about banning the passage of Russian warships.
So I recieve information through some journalists about that Senior Turkish official told Turkey has not closed the Bosphorus and Dardanelles to Russian warships. As a result, tweet by Zelensky suggesting otherwise seems to be a misunderstanding.
Another poiny that Montreux Convention gives a clear right to Russians to return their ships to their original ports in Black Sea even in the time of war, even Moscow is belligerent. So can not way any ban or block.
I think Zelensky wanted to form public opinion and political oppression by considering the Turkish density in his country. However, he failed. Some journalists and news sites distorted this tweet by generating false information. Unnecessary noise has been avoided, thanks to people who have done a lot of fact-checking. After warning the journalists who announced that we were closing the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, many journalists deleted their tweets containing misinformation.
Be careful, If you are a journalist, you must fact-check everything and correct your mistakes as soon as you discover it. There is good article about ethical considerations for journalists at Poynter.
Ethical considerations for journalists as a Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolds
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I write again that I hope these wars will end as soon as possible and I can give you better news. Take care.
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Mehmet Safak Sari
Mehmet Safak Sari @msafaksari

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