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Under the Russia ⚔️ Ukranie war...

Mehmet Safak Sari
Mehmet Safak Sari
It is not a funny or simple event. In our upstairs, we have a war. In my country, we have a huge economical crisis at the moment. I want to understand what happens in Ukraine? But we have of course information disorder about that. I mean our internet rubbish is full of articles and videos about the Russia-Ukraine tension. I want to organize this topic for myself, also for you all. I hope it works.
I wish I talks about only new media in this bulletin. The disasters on the agenda of both the country and the world do not allow this. Despite this, I want to hope and peace as soon as possible. 🪧 No to war! 🪧

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
Some personal news...
As you know, I am so late for writing a new issue. I haven’t been here for almost 2 months. Sorry for that. Why I haven’t written anything in English? Writing and speaking English is still a challenge for me. I guess you are also witnessing that there is increasing something. However, that’s not the main reason. I have some news.
First, we decided with my wife, we will prepare IELTS Academic exam for starting a master’s program. It was so hard for us to make a decision. We did and we opened the way for ourselves. it will be tough. I believe we will succeed.
I am proud to announce the second one that we built a team and began a new media project which name is Merkezsiz Bülten. I think that knowledge and literacy about Blockchain-based technologies and apps are poor in Turkey. We came together with four friends and said “let’s do something to remove this problem”. We decided to make an e-bulletin about decentralized networks and blockchain-based concepts such as NFTs, Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, Semantic Web, etc. If you know Turkish, you can subscribe to it here.
Information disorder everywhere
Russia has begun a massive military attack on Ukraine on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Surely everyone expected this. But the truth is sharp. The images of war and the plight of the Ukrainian and Russian people make us all sad. NATO and Russia have boosted this tension and now the war is hurting Russia and Ukraine. What can in the cold weather, miserable, poor people do? I wish this madness to stop.
So, news of the invasion of Ukraine is included lots of misleading articles and videos. What will we do? It is useful to follow trustworthy reporters from the war zones. It is more important, we must follow institutions that report only with reliable data. Laura Hazard Owen at NiemanLab made a kind of list of some resources for following the war. For example, I follow some Twitter List which is I learned from this article. 👇
Paywalls downed
After the start of the war, many news organizations in the world are lowering their paywalls after the reaction from the readers. Vienna-based International Press Institute (IPI) pay attention to the situation in the field and made the following statement:
Source: @globalfreemedia
Source: @globalfreemedia
I saw it today but I wasn’t too surprised. QAnon supporters & other far-right figures online cheer the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calling it a step toward destroying the so-called “cabal.” 😅 Look at that 👇
QAnon supporters and far-right figures hail Russian invasion of Ukraine
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
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I hope these wars will end as soon as possible and I can give you better news. Until next.
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Mehmet Safak Sari
Mehmet Safak Sari @msafaksari

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